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Susan S. Lewis and her staff specialize in Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Business Accounting, QuickBooks Services, Payroll, Audits and Strategic Business Planning.

Tax season can be a stressful time of year for everyone. However, the knowledgeable professionals at Susan S. Lewis, Ltd. will help you achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of worry. Working closely with you to organize, prepare and file your tax returns; exemplary services are offered to Individuals, Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships, Fiduciaries and Estates.

Unfortunately, today’s tax laws are complicated and continuously changing. If you are unaware of the new tax laws you may be overlooking strategies, deductions and credits of which you are entitled. Susan S. Lewis Ltd. makes it their top priority to be educated in all the new and changing tax regulations. By doing so, they are able to share their knowledge and prepare your tax returns in full compliance while allowing you to keep funds you may have otherwise erroneously given to the government. As a client you will receive our complimentary quarterly newsletter outlining current changes in the law and other hot topics.  There is simply no substitute for the expertise of an experienced tax professional .

Bookkeeping and Business Accounting

If you own a business and need assistance with your bookkeeping you have found the answer. The staff at Susan S. Lewis, Ltd. has the knowledge and organizational skills to keep your records and prepare your financial statements and tax returns.  Additional services include:

Bank reconciliation – A reconciliation of your business checking account allows you to quickly assess your cash flow.

Financial Statement Preparation – These statements are the tools you need to properly assess your bottom line.

QuickBooks Services - We are certified Quickbooks advisors providing hands on training for you and your staff.

Payroll Services

Susan S. Lewis, Ltd. is fully prepared to handle your unique payroll situation thereby enabling you to save time and money. We provide cost effective solutions that reduce the need for additional personnel, as well as providing worry free payroll tax filings that allow you the luxury of focusing on the daily responsibilities of being a successful business owner. Contact us today for quotes on comprehensive and customized payroll services.


In today’s economy, your stockholders, private investors and creditors often need verification that your corporate financial statements represent an accurate snapshot of the financial position of your company.  An independent audit provides the highest level of assurance a CPA can offer through an objective examination of financial reports. By submitting to an independent audit, you will confirm to interested parties that your financial position is fairly stated. Additionally, audits facilitate the purchase and sale of a business as well as comply with any banking covenants. 

If your business is a not-for-profit agency or a government organization you are most likely required by Illinois law to undergo an annual audit. Please contact us to schedule your audit and to keep you compliant with this fiduciary responsibility.


Strategic Business Planning

A strategic business plan is vital when starting a new venture, expansion of a current organization, acquiring a new business or to facilitate a rebound of a declining business. Preparation of a strategic plan assists you in defining your company’s direction and is a crucial tool in obtaining financing. Susan S. Lewis, Ltd assists you with your business plan by identifying your corporate DNA, products, competitors, management team, financial health and potential risks. Allow us to help you develop a strategic business plan that drives your business, motivates your corporate team and reassures your investors of the imminent success of your venture.